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Glitterville Studios Royal Magical Wand

Everyone knows that the crowning glory of any queen is her tiara. But if you take that crown and add a sparkling magic wand, regular royalty becomes magical. Available individually, but better together, the crowns and matching wands are hand painted and gold leafed; Crown: 8" diameter, 2.5" high; Paperboard (crowns made of a stiff material that does not bend); Hand-painted & gold leafed Magic wand: 18.5" Papermache & wood; Hand-painted & gold leafed

Regular royalty becomes magical with a shimmering wand. Available in 6 assorted styles, each as fantastic as the next. Wands are hand painted and gold leafed. 

  • Magic wand: 18.5"
  • Papermache & wood
  • Hand-painted & gold leafed

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